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With Lunesdale Consulting coaching and mentoring means you have the support and guidance you need every step of the journey from transformation to growth.  Whether you need skills and capabilities for long-term development, help to successfully deliver a shorter-term project or initiative or just a fresh perspective on a current challenge, we have the experience and knowledge to support you every step of the way.

Lunesdale Business Consulting for Coaching & Mentoring

The team at Lunesdale Consulting has over 25 years of experience advising, guiding and supporting SME’s and Professional Services firms across the UK.  You can, therefore, be sure of tapping into a wealth of expert knowledge and experience. Utilising our industry knowledge, our ability to get the best out of people and teams, and our specialist learning & development skills, means that you can be sure of tailored Coaching & Mentoring delivered by experts.

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Coaching & Mentoring to maximise your professional potential

Our approach recognises that “People learn best through experience” (Whitmore, J 2017).  Coaching & Mentoring with Jonathan Timmis, our principal Executive Coach & Mentor is a partnership and a collaborative experience.  Our aim is always to help those we guide find their own answers and solutions. This way they tap into their strengths, and the experience and knowledge they already have, to develop and reach their full potential. They become much more self-reliant and resilient.

We use the word guide as we see this as a journey towards a destination or goal our client chooses.  They are not our goals. We are there to share our knowledge and expertise when asked, as well as to offer support and encouragement and a caring ear. We are there every step of the way!

The biggest internal obstacles we face to achieving our full potential include fear of failure, a lack of self-belief and self-confidence, and self-doubt. Coaching & Mentoring are the perfect antidotes to a lack of self-belief or low self-esteem.  As we learn more about ourselves, what influences our approach, attitudes, and behaviours, the better equipped we are to overcomes the barriers to achieving our potential.

Do you want to find your mojo and brim with confidence and enthusiasm for the exciting journey ahead!

Do I need Coaching or Mentoring?

Coaching and Mentoring are often used interchangeably as they both encourage the learner to find their own answers and solutions so as to build self-reliance and personal resilience.  But they do have a different purpose and approach so it is important that the appropriate route is taken.

Coaching encourages the Coachee to tap into their own skills, knowledge and experience to reach specific goals within specific timeframes.  The Coach is a guide and through skilled questioning and careful listening, is able to help the Coachee explore options, find solutions and take action to achieve the goal(s). The Coach is not there to give you the answers!

Mentoring on the other hand involves the Mentor sharing their skill, knowledge and experience in a collaborative and supportive way to guide the Mentee.  It is less focused on specific goals but instead a longer-term process of self-improvement and learning.

Both Coaching and Mentoring take great skill and experience, though, and to reach your full potential work with an expert.

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Strategic Ideas

Strategic Ideas
Coaching & Mentoring - built on foundation of trust

None of us has all the answers to all the questions. From time to time we benefit from a fresh perspective and a sounding board. The chance to talk to someone we can trust implicitly, that “gets it” and is willing and able to share the experience and knowledge we need to reach an informed decision.

“Coaching is the mechanism of transformation” – Sir John Whitmore

Coaching & Mentoring allow us to improve our self-awareness, better understand what makes others tick, and develop attitudes and behaviours that foster collaboration, empowerment, innovation and creativity. Building on our strengths and being able and willing to work on our shortcomings.  This way we can achieve our full potential whilst ensuring we do all we can for those we manage to achieve theirs!

Coaching & Mentoring - The Lunesdale Way

Our focus is on sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise not on telling you how to run your business! Enabling you and your team to develop new strategic, analytical, communication and people management skills, as well as use a range of effective business tools that are tried and tested. Empowering your business to achieve growth, high performance and embrace change.

We will only ever offer appropriate solutions or recommendations. Capable of being implemented and achieving your objectives. A trusted shoulder and guiding hand, reliable, patient and understanding of the challenges of modern business

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

Contact Lunesdale Business Consulting today for creative and innovative ways to grow and transform your business through an investment in skills and fresh-thinking.