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We transform organisations by sharing knowledge, expertise and experience, and facilitating new ways of working and thinking

Lunesdale Business Consulting offers management consulting services, executive coaching and mentoring, and leadership & management training. Transforming organisations through the investment in people, skills and new ways of working. Supporting business owners, directors, and senior managers as they adapt to changing market conditions, new digital technology, and confront overwhelming challenges.

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We’re experienced, enthusiastic and forward looking leadership trainers, executive coaches and business consultants. Helping organisations transform and grow by developing people and embracing new ways of working. Our specialisms include business strategy, business turnaround and transformational leadership, Management training, Digital Strategies and supporting organisational change and improvement. Equipping our customers with the strategic tools, skills and processes they need to reach the right people, in the right way, with the right message.

With a perfect blend of technical expertise, skills to empower and motivate people and business know-how developed over 25 years, we offer tailored business transformation and leadership development services to SME’s, Not-For-Profit and Public Sector organisations across the North of England. Services that make a real difference and overcome the challenges of today and exploit the opportunities of tomorrow.

Who We Are

What our customers say about Lunesdale Business Consulting

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Jonathan Timmis at Lunesdale. Jonathan’s guidance and experience was invaluable in supporting rapid growth and tackling challenging scenarios in the early stages of my business.

Sam Price
Price Accounting

Featured Service

People Skills for Technical Managers

Bespoke leadership and management training and coaching for technical managers. Equipping technical managers with the skills they need to inspire, empower, and motivate people. To successfully implement new ways of working, to overcome conflict, and build highly-successful teams that consistently do the right things, in the right way, at the right time!

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It's not just what we do that is important but how we do it. Tailored business transformation and training services delivered by experts - where there is a will there's a way.

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