Key ingredients to team success

It is easy to assume that great teams are all about great skills.  In fact, skills are very important but so is having team members that have the right attitude and approach to working within a team.  It is also about having the right balance of team roles. Think of it like a sports team.  How successful would it be if all everyone wanted to do was score goals!

Successful teams in the 21st century

Successful 21st-century teams are creative, innovative, agile, highly motivated and determined to succeed together.  Importantly, everyone may not be working in the same place or even the same country! Remote working, advances in technology, changing attitudes to work/life balance, mean team success is down to great leadership and management.

Building & Maintaining a High-Performing Team

Success in business is invariably a team effort. That is why Lunesdale Business Consulting provides bespoke training, business coaching and mentoring that focuses on building successful teams.

Teams that are successful, and achieve high-performance, because they:

  • Consistently deliver positive results and achieve goals
  • Are built on a foundation of trust and strong relationships
  • Celebrate diversity and the sharing of different perspectives
  • Manage conflict and disagreements positively
  • Are quick to adapt to new opportunities and ways of working
  • Have a balanced mix of skills, attitudes, and behaviours
  • They share a common purpose and each team member understands the contribution they make to the team
  • There are clear boundaries and responsibilities that are accepted

But successful teams don’t happen by accident. They are also not guaranteed to last! 21st-century teams are dynamic as are the organisations in which they operate.

So to build and maintain success, our Team Leadership & Development programs focus on:

  • Great leadership
  • A strong commitment and determination to learning and development (of self and those we manage)
  • Creating the perfect mix of skills, attitudes and behaviours across the team
  • Understanding what makes people tick

Belbin Team Roles Accredited Business Coach
Team building with Belbin Team Roles

Belbin® Team Roles highlights the attitudes and behaviours we consistently see within work teams. These clusters of behaviours are grouped across nine team roles.  I’m sure you will have heard of team roles such as “Plant”, “Shaper” and “Completer Finisher”.

Within each team role, we see behaviours that are considered strengths but others we see as shortcomings. The key to high-performance is finding the best mix of team roles and getting everyone to work to their strengths and try and avoid their shortcomings becoming a problem for the team.

The advantage of working with behaviours is that they can be developed and improved.  This is not so easy with personality which is hard-wired into our DNA!

Jonathan Timmis, Lunesdale Business Consulting’s principal trainer and business coach, is accredited by Belbin®.  This means that we have the detailed knowledge and expertise to get the best from Belbin’s Team Roles within the training, coaching and mentoring we deliver.

It also means we can run specific Belbin® Team Development workshops that incorporate Belbin® reports for Individuals and Teams as well as games and activities that will transform your teams!

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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