Who We Are

Lunesdale Business Consulting provides leadership & management coaching and training and business consultancy services. We specialise in business transformation and growth by encouraging new ways of thinking and operating.  Offering expert services that focus on developing people and skills, that harness the power of digital technology, support organisational change and drive improvement and high-performance.

We are based in Lancaster, Lancashire, and passionate about supporting our local small business community.  Using our training, coaching and mentoring skills, expert knowledge of business strategy and competition, digital expertise and years of hands-on business experience, to equip our local forward-thinking SME’s with the tools and skills they need to transform, grow and prosper.

Most importantly, we love what we do.  We also love what our customers do.  Combining the two means we take time to learn what is important for your business and its customers. Our friendly no-nonsense approach is then personalised, carefully thought out, and delivered in a way that makes sense to you.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise whilst ensuring it is appropriate for your business – focused on your goals, workable and likely to deliver positive results!

It isn’t just what we do that makes us different but importantly how we do it.

Our aim is always to deliver what we promise. To only offer training and recommend services and solutions that are appropriate and capable of implementation and of making a positive difference. Above all, to be trustworthy, reliable and honest.

We also take pride in our technical expertise and skills. However, technical prowess alone doesn’t deliver a great service.  It is combining these technical skills with our years of experience of a broad variety of businesses big and small and delivering solutions to overcome the real life challenges and opportunities you face.

To really make a positive difference, though, we take time to really understand your business – its challenges, opportunities and capabilities and goals. We can then use the right material and tools to deliver a truly personalised service that is appropriate and focused on delivering the positive results that are needed and expected.

There is nothing more important to us than reputation and the trust our customers put in us. Our aim is always to be trustworthy, reliable, honest, friendly and deliver what we promise.

So our values below are not rhetoric but hard-wired into our DNA:

  • Treating customers fairly will always be at the heart of all we do. Your trust is the greatest compliment we can receive.
  • Enthusiastic to help others to help themselves and sharing our knowledge and experience with others is a real privilege and a pleasure.
  • Never offer stock standard solutions as all our client’s needs are unique.
  • It’s all about what your business needs and wants. If it won’t help your organisation we won’t recommend it.
  • We will always ensure the training and coaching material and advice we recommend is manageable, achievable and capable of implementation by your organisation and your teams.
  • We will always be professional, frank and honest with regard to development needs and challenges identified, even if this is not always good news.
  • We will always identify a ‘Return on Investment’ from our service.  If there is no value there will be no fee.
  • Empowering, developing and engaging people both inside and outside the organisation is a key priority as success is invariably a team effort.
  • All of us have a duty to do what we do in a way that promotes Environmental sustainability and socially responsible and ethical practices and we spread this message to all who will listen!

A warm welcome from Lunesdale Business Consulting

An eternally optimistic, enthusiastic and friendly team of bespoke business training, coaching and transformation experts delivering on promises day in day out.