Managing People as a technical manager

Technical managers are usually specialists, highly qualified, with career progression based upon their technical expertise and experience.  However, their qualifications and technical experience do not always provide the opportunity to develop broader management and leadership skills that are needed to successfully manage people.

People skills that deliver success

21st-century managers are responsible for creating the conditions that allow the teams they manage to deliver results. Making sure that each member of their team is empowered, engaged, and inspired to work towards shared goals. Effective communication and a better understanding of what makes people tick is the key!

People skills to win hearts & minds

Lunesdale Business Consulting provides bespoke training to professional service firms including Insolvency Practitioners, Accountants, Solicitors, and Chartered Surveyors, to name but a few. Equipping their technical managers with the people skills that they need to consistently deliver the highest possible standards of advice and service. Bespoke training that includes:

  • Exemplary leadership practices
  • Delegation
  • Time management & planning
  • Managing conflict
  • Implementing new ways of working
  • Performance management
  • Highly effective communication
  • Developing high-performing teams

We focus on developing skills and capabilities that are capable of being implemented and which make a positive difference on the ground. Tailored training that specifically addresses the needs of our clients.

People Skills for Technical Managers

Online Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching & Mentoring

Lunesdale Business Consulting offers Coaching and Mentoring to develop and support technical managers as they take on the responsibility of managing people and team performance. Either stand alone Coaching and Mentoring or delivered as part of a leadership development programme alongside guided training.

Both Coaching and Mentoring develop vital analytical and strategic skills and challenge thinking. Encouraging managers to avoid quick fixes and stop making decisions based upon assumptions and preconceived ideas. Instead, gather evidence, embrace change, and build consensus through collaboration.

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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