A Focus on What Matters

Lovely words and content are only effective if strategically focused. It has to reach the specific audience you are targeting with a message that appeals to them and that they understand. At Lunesdale Business Training, we specialise in developing digital strategies that promote business growth, increase revenue or help you promote your important message more effectively. The right message, to the right folk, in the right way!

Getting the Right Tool for the Job

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the level of digital technology available.  However, like any tool, each option is only effective if used for the right job! For smaller organisations, it is important to get access to the best digital technology available but the key is making sure it is appropriate – it will help the organisation reach its goals is and is manageable with the resources available.

For the journey

Using digital technology and digital media to achieve your organisation’s goals – revenue growth, cost efficiency or simply getting your message across to your audience more effectively.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating digital technologies for suitability and fit with your organisational goals and aims. Will it solve the problem?  Is it right for us at this stage (e.g. do we have the budget, necessary skills, stakeholder support)?
  • Supporting digital transformation – mentoring and coaching managers and business leaders, skills development, planning for change and engaging key stakeholders (i.e. winning hearts and minds).
  • Industry and competition analysis – helping you understand the competitive rules of the game and where the bar is set. What are our competitors up to that is effective? What does the industry demand to achieve a competitive advantage now and in the future?
  • Detailed customer analysis and market research – identifying who your “customer” is, what they need, what they expect – through surveys, customer data analysis, market analysis and engaging in conversation with your audience.

Lunesdale Business Consulting, right by your side, every step of the way.

Strategic Ideas

The Lunesdale Business Training Way

What do businesses fear most about digital technology? Usually, they don’t understand it well enough.  The choices are too overwhelming and it is unclear which option will work best. That it will cost a lot of money without offering a reasonable return. That they will be missold something they don’t really need.

This is where Lunesdale Business Consulting comes in. With our reputation for providing trustworthy, reliable and expert advice, we help our clients cut through all the hype, unrealistic expectations and rhetoric. Recommending only suitable technology that will make a positive impact. We always explaining how it works and the pros and cons in a language that makes sense. Above all, reporting honestly and transparently on performance even if things are not working as well as hoped. Now that makes a refreshing change!

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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