Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround approaches recognise that faced by severe challenges, business owners must develop appropriate strategies to address the underlying problems rather than just symptoms.  Effective turnaround strategies are built on core strengths and values, engage and empower stakeholders inside and outside the business to contribute to the solution, demand often radical change so as to avoid quick fixes and the business going from the frying pan to the fire.

Coping with crisis

Overcoming problems, challenges and crises is always much more difficult when we are gripped by fear and uncertainty.  Without a clear mind, business leaders see only negativity, the risk of loss and insurmountable obstacles. This leads to procrastination and indecision and a failure to respond effectively to the issues faced. However, years of experience tell us there is always a solution and opportunity if viewed through the right lens. Let us guide you to those solutions.

Business Turnaround - seeking underlying causes

Business Turnaround is much more than about simply addressing financial distress. Cashflow pressures are usually symptomatic of underlying causes – problems with management and leadership, not meeting quality and performance standards, a breakdown in relationships with key stakeholders such as customers, employees and suppliers or failing to remain competitive through a lack of investment in skills development, technology or innovation.

That is why we take a holistic approach when developing business turnaround strategies. Treating symptoms (e.g. cashflow constraints) but at the same time identifying and addressing the underlying causes. Radical when needed, but with an overarching aim of ensuring there are shared goals and values throughout the organisation, supported by a culture that embraces new ways of working and thinking.

Recognising that successful strategy is a team effort

One of the biggest challenges business owners face when trying to turnaround the fortunes of their challenged businesses, is resistance to the usually radical changes that are required from key players inside and outside the organisation. For example, employees, customers, major suppliers, HMRC and landlords.

The art and science of turnaround, therefore, involves bringing these key players on board and securing their support. At Lunesdale Business Consulting we have over 20 years of experience of doing just that.  Through highly effective communication, a deep understanding of what makes individuals and organisations tick and the drive, determination and positivity to drive change forward despite the difficult challenges being faced.

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Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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