Business Strategy Development

We like to keep things simple and define strategy as the “how-to”. So, for example, how do we achieve our goals and aims? How do we succeed in our market? Developing a strategy is not necessarily easy and just because we have a good idea doesn’t mean it will succeed. It requires an expert understanding of markets and customers, but also the risks and opportunities that flow from other factors such as competition, the economy, globalisation and technology.

Evaluating Strategic Options

As well as supporting strategy development, we also use our experience and expertise to evaluate strategic plans or ideas to ensure that they are realistic, will achieve their aims, and vitally, will get the support of key stakeholders. Also, to help plan and facilitate the implementation of chosen strategies – ensuring there are adequate resources, introducing new processes and technology and overcoming resistance to new ways of working and thinking.

Turning good ideas into successful strategies

Our approach blends coaching and consultancy services to successfully develop and implement projects and transformation initiatives. However, by sharing our knowledge and expertise we equip business owners, leaders and managers with the analytical skills, capabilities and performance delivering behaviours that they need to succeed long-term.

Our aim is always to build organisation resilience within our client’s business.  Making sure that they become far better at adapting quickly to changing conditions and increased competition. Able to secure the support of stakeholders through effective communication and empowerment – winning hearts and minds. Above all, we inspire creativity, innovation and positivity, by identifying opportunity rather than just problems!

Recognising strategy is a team effort

One of the greatest challenges business owners and leaders face in implementing strategy is getting support from key players.  Stakeholders that can influence the success or failure of a strategy.  Gone are the days when the power and authority of the business owner or leader alone will ensure successful implementation!

21st-century leadership recognises that to overcome resistance to change and new ways of working will require a careful blend of carrot and stick. Empowering others to get them involved in both shaping and implementing strategy, helping them see the shared benefits of the strategy and importantly developing a focus on quality, standards and performance.

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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