Blended Leadership & Management Development Programmes

There is no one right way to lead and there is also no one right way to learn! Each of us learns and develops in different ways. Pace, place, learning styles and level of input from the Coach or Trainer, all make a huge difference on whether knowledge and skills transfer and are understood.  We, therefore, tailor our approach based upon the needs of the individual and their learning goals.

A perfect blend of training, coaching and mentoring

Linking coaching and mentoring to structured training sessions helps developing leaders and managers apply their new knowledge and thinking to practice.  Theory and recognised wisdom are fine in practice, but they are not always easy to implement. Our approach ensures that our learners are capable of shaping and adapting theory and best practice so it can be used successfully to drive improvement and success for them and their organisation.

Bespoke Learning & Development Progranmes

Our Leadership & Management Development Programmes typically include a mix of group training running alongside either Coaching or Mentoring which is used to support those we work with to put theory into practice. Knowing what to do and doing it are two separate things entirely! We deliver training in a practical way that avoids unnecessary jargon or overly technical language.  So, expert theory grounded in practice.

Coaching & Mentoring are similar in that they both encourage the learner to find their own solutions, thereby developing self-reliance and resilience.  But they do differ in that Coaching builds upon existing knowledge and experience, whereas the mentor actively shares their knowledge and experience to help the learner find those answers.

Digital Media & Knowledge

Digital Training & Learning
Short or Long Programmes

The learning programmes we deliver are tailored around the needs of the learner and their firm.  This can be days, weeks or even months.  In fact, we regularly deliver 12-month programmes which allow our clients to select from a suite of training topics that meet their unique learning goals.  We then introduce periodic coaching sessions in between training sessions to support individuals with any specific barriers to progress they face.

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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