Jonathan Timmis  – a day in my life…

I keep being asked, “so what do you do at Bix?” It’s a fair question and I thought it deserved an answer!

What I definitely do, is use my extensive business skills, experience and qualifications to help support local SME businesses across Lancaster, Morecambe and the Bay region. Equipping those businesses with the online tools and knowledge needed to compete successfully and overcome barriers to growth.

“For me, it is all about sending out the right message to the right folk about the right products and services”

More specifically, working with the talented team at Bix to harness the power of the web to promote our client’s brand message; shining a light on the thing that makes them special and sets them apart from their own competitors.

I don’t actually build the websites though.  Coding isn’t my forte.  Instead, I make sure that a website reaches the right people, in the right way about the right product and services. It is all about “the message”!

For example:

  • Influencing the web design brief. Using my experience and analytical skills to understand and interpret our client’s goals and aims and then making sure the website and branding will achieve those aims. Nothing worse than a website that sends out the wrong message or lacks the functionality visitors need or demand.
  • Craft narrative content (copyrighting) that communicates that brand message in a way that reaches the right folk, engages them and encourages them to take up what is on offer whether a product or service. Not mere nice words but strategically focused nice words!
  • The content must also tick Google’s boxes so that the website ranks highly and is easily found by the right folk rather than them finding the competition first! (search engine optimization or SEO). This is an ongoing process to make sure the website stays a step ahead of the competition – by monitoring website performance, I can then identify content improvements as well as more technical improvements to the website code, layout and functionality to maintain high ranking and conversion.
  • Linking websites to other digital marketing tools to improve reach and engagement and importantly drive out unnecessary cost through efficiency and clever integration – social media, email marketing campaigns, Adwords and the like.
  • Finally, I manage social media accounts and email campaigns for our clients. Creating social media posts and adverts, email campaigns and writing search engine friendly blogs on their behalf. Not content for content’s sake though.  Instead, posts that are engaging, build a strong following, increase revenue and support high website ranking.

The key though is making sure that there is an adequate return on investment – that our client is getting “bang for buck” for their investment.  It is very easy to squander money on digital technology! Our clients, therefore, trust that I understand “the numbers” and can highlight when things are not working or where things could be done differently to get the financial result they need. I call this “affordable honesty”. It is common sense of course but common sense is not so common nowadays!

Always happy by the sea