People talk about having a Vision for their company. But what does that mean?

In simple terms, it means . . . . . the House on the Hill.

The House on the Hill is where you’re trying to get to, from where you are now.

Maybe it looks a bit like this, with a pot of gold waiting for you!

 So what’s in the House?

Well, it is the story of what your business looks like at some point in the future [you can decide how far in the future].

The products and services you are providing then, your Company’s positioning in the market place, your customer base and your geographical spread, your turnover and your profitability, the number of people you are employing, perhaps even where your House is located, if that’s different from today.

If that sounds like somewhere you really, really want to live, business-wise, you’re 1/2 way there!

With determination, commitment, some luck – and the help of others – you WILL get there.

The help of others?

Yes, others! It’s unlikely you can make it on your own.

Others will have a stake in your business and your success, other than yourself.


Your colleagues / team-mates and / or business associates, of course.

But also family, friends, suppliers, customers, service providers, the piggy bank.

Maybe, especially the piggy bank!

It’s almost certain that each and every one of them will be willing you on, will want you to make a success of it; for their own interests, as well as through goodwill for yourself.

But, for them – and this applies to you too – it shouldn’t be a case of ‘hit & hope’.

They – and you – will need something a bit more concrete than that.

Something they can believe in, something to get enthusiastic about, something they can help achieve…..

….and, frankly, something they can also have a share in!

This is where the House on the Hill comes in.

Can you describe the House in such a way that they can create mental pictures, in their minds, of what it looks like and what it would be like to be there?

Will they be able to visualise it for themselves – later?

Can you define it in such a way that this definition becomes a common language between you?

A Vision in which they can share?

So, on every day, from now on, till you move in, they understand what you are undertaking?

And what part they can play in this undertaking?

And – most importantly -WHY?

The clearer the picture you all have of the House, the more possible it will all seem.

A Vision that can be realised – and with will, on all sides, must be.

But how to get there – from where you are now?

Ah, that requires a strategy . . . . . which is a fancy way of saying – HOW TO DO IT

Yes, that would be the next step; developing a strategy – and undertaking a process of change

Both needed – in order to deliver that Vision of yours.

Is it worth all the effort, do you think?

 How much do you really want to be in your House on the Hill?

If the answers are . . . . YES and A LOT

Then, the very best of luck.

And if you think you could use a little help, by all means, give us a call at Bix as we are happy to help you find your House on the Hill and where your journey begins and to be right by your side every step of the way.


With special thanks to our great friend Allan Kenny for his invaluable contribution to this post.