Let’s Turbo charge SME’s with Digital Tech!

The Bix team has been helping many local SME’s embrace digital technology and improve their online presence for a good few years now. It is great, therefore, to see the Government, as SMEweb report, throwing their weight behind the initiative to help “1 million more small businesses become digitally active in 2017

However, as we have said many times, digital technology is rarely if ever a panacea to the challenges small businesses face or ‘out of the box’ solutions.

Why is this?

Usually, because the technology chosen isn’t quite right for the job, it doesn’t integrate well with existing systems, or the organisation lacks the skills and other resources needed to successfully utilise the tools that exist.

Sadly, despite a plethora of helpful guidance material supplied by the likes of Google, many businesses still struggle to interpret the well-meaning instructions offered.

So how can Bix help?

By only recommending new digital technology that:

  • Is suitable and appropriate – it will solve the strategic challenge faced (not just half the problem!).
  • It is capable of being implemented, given the resources available (e.g. time, skill, funding) even if help from Bix is needed at the outset to set up the processes and provide initial training.
  • Avoids our client becoming entirely reliant on expensive consultants. As we help our clients set up new technology and processes, we always share our knowledge and skills to help them become more self-sufficient and resilient. In that way, our businesses grow together.

If you would like to find out more about how digital technology can help your business grow and prosper then please contact us to arrange a free no obligation review of your online presence by phone on 01524 489850 or email [email protected].

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